Our portfolio of companies

These companies are challenging the status quo, they are solving real problems in the world, and are doing it with inclusive teams passionate about building products their customers love and trust. 

Product Trust Investments is also making donations to technology non-profits seeking to make a difference in the world. A portion of all portoflio returns will be reinvested as in-kind donations to these types of companies and non-profits. 


Syndicate Investments

Gaingels Spark

Gaingels Spark

LGBTQ+ Investing Syndicate

Gaingels invests in the best companies with senior, equity holding LGBT leadership.

The Gaingels syndicate seeks top investment returns by co-investing with the best venture capital firms, and seeks to influence social change through business by investing in the best companies with LGBT+ leadership. Gaingels also selectively invests in category-leading growth stage companies where we can help add C-suite LGBT+ talent.

The group drives social change by:

  • Cultivating opportunities within our community through investment, support, and utilizing our network to recruit more diverse talent into our portfolio companies.
  • Becoming visible to the world of private equity and venture capital (PE/VC)
Spark I

Established in 2020, Spark I invested in 46 companies alongside 64 institutional co-investors.

63% of portfolio companies had diverse leadership (women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+)

Spark II

Fund II was established in 2021 and has invested in 192 Companies alongside 128 Institutional Co-Investors.

78% of portfolio companies with diverse leaderships (women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+).

Spark III

Taylor is finalizing his 2022 investment into syndicate fund 3 which intends to invest in ~200 underrepresented and diverse founders. 

Our Investments



Mental Health & BurnOut Prevention Startup

Yerbo helps companies keep their employees healthy and happy. Through insights and action steps to help technical teams stay healthy in high-performance environments.

Diligent Robotics

Diligent Robotics

Medical Robot Assistant, moxi

Diligent Robotics is an A.I. company creating robot assistants that help nurses with chores so they can focus on patient care. The women founding team has are social robotics experts, their robots feature mobile manipulation, social intelligence and human-guided learning capabilities. Moxi is their hospital robot assistant that helps clinical staff with non-patient-facing tasks so they have more time for patient care.

Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar

Self-directed Retirement Investments

Alternative assets in your retirement account

With a Rocket Dollar account, you are free to invest your retirement savings in the assets you want.

Self-Directed investing means that you make all of the investment decisions inside your retirement account. No more choosing from a pre-set menu of mutual funds, or being confined to one asset class. A Self-Directed account from Rocket Dollar allows you to invest in any asset class allowed by the IRS.



Trans-focused Mobile App Company

A suite of technologies, enabling a better transition.

Building technology for the transgender community to alleviate the great pains associated with gender transition. 

Investors include Chelsea Clinton and Gaingels. 

SeekWell - EXITED

SeekWell - EXITED

Data Science - Saas Platform

SeekWell turns Sheets into a powerful analytics and BI Tool. Connect to databases, write SQL, analyze data, and automate reports in Sheets.

SeekWell was acquired by ThoughtSpot in March of 2021

Our Donations



Transgender Transition Roadmap App

Solace provides information and resources to guide transgender people through whatever process of gender transition they desire. Including features like progress tracking, access to credible information, and more. Read more about our donation



Empowering LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

StartOut’s mission is to increase the number, diversity, and impact of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and amplify their stories to drive the economic empowerment of the community. StartOut also holds HackOut, the world’s largest annual hackathon weekend event. Read more about howe we’re contributing to HackOut.

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