Ethical products.

Inclusive teams.

Driving Change.

Investment Thesis

Too often companies seeking to solve big problems with inclusive teams and true care for their customers—can’t get off the ground. We want to change that. We believe that the best companies are inclusive, focused on actual problems in the world, and truly care about their customers. 

But we don’t just invest in companies and expect returns. We’re here to provide our connections, advise, and expertise to help our portfolio companies succeed. We believe our portfolio of companies have a mark to make on the world, and we want to help them drive real change. 

How We Invest

Product Trust Investments provides pre-Series A funds focused on helping founders from underrepresented groups and inclusive teams get their companies off the ground. Many of our investments have been the first checks companies have received, and they leverage our endorsement to find other investors and turn one check into many. We help companies begin the startup flywheel.

Our fund is flexible. We have done it all: priced rounds, convertible notes, and convertible equity. We work with Founders to meet them where they are, help them understand the terms of deals, figure out valuations, and help connect them to resources young companies need. 

After We Invest

We don’t just invest and hope for the best. We work directly with our investment founders and teams to help advise and steer these companies to reach their missions faster and more profitably. Every engagement is different, and we try to match our unique experiences and knowledge with the current needs of our investment companies. From hiring, product strategy, pivots, fundrasing, and more. We are there to help fill the gaps and needs of young startups creating technologies to solve real problems in the world. 


Taylor McCaslin

Founder & Lead Investor

Taylor McCaslin (he/him) is a multi-disciplinary Investor, Product Manager, and LGBTQ+ mentor living in the mountains of Big Sky, Montana. He currently works as a Group Manager of Product for Data Science at GitLab and serves as a co-founder and board member for Euphoria. Taylor is an advocate and defender of privacy, consent, and inclusion.

Taylor graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, where he studied business, theatre, computer science, and digital art & media. Since 2012 he has worked at enterprise-scale, hyper-growth technology companies including: GitLab (IPO $GTLB), Yonder/New Knowledge, Duo Security (acquired by Cisco – $CSCO), WP Engine (majority buyout by Silver Lake), (acquired by Recruit – $RCRUY), Bazaarvoice (IPO $BV, returned private).

Taylor has experienced 2 IPOs and 3 acquisitions in his career thus far. 

When not advising companies or speaking at conferences about technology, Taylor can be found geeking out with the latest Apple gadget, skiing, mountain biking, or enjoying live theatre. He also enjoys volunteering with local human rights and LGBTQ organizations as well as mentoring young technologists looking to start careers in tech.

We can't wait to help.

Let us know what you're working on and how you're changing the world. Every project is different, so our involvement looks different between projects, from angel investments to advisement, we're here to help.